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Date 2019-02-06.22:56:33
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> But I want to raise the flag again: why we are adding new functionality to the *deprecated* module? It violates our on deprecation policy, isn't it?

I'm biased but I see this as more of a small and subtle fix for the current logic that incorrectly treats this as a closed connection, rather than a new feature.
In addition, it could serve a documentation hint for people troubleshooting edge cases in their code (especially people who are not familiar with these semantics).

> Point with asyncore/chat is that every time you try to fix them you end up messing with the public API one way or another.

I'd agree about the first commit (avoid calling recv with size zero), which may change the behavior for a poorly written application that tries to read a chunk of zero bytes, but the second commit is straight forward and I can't see how it could break anything.
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