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Date 2019-02-06.16:15:22
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Victor may be thinking about it from time to time (or perhaps it's time to make the rest of the configuration changes plans concrete so we can all help out?), but I'd like to see this as either:

* a helper function to fill out the core config structure from a pyvenv.cfg file (rather than hiding it deeper as it currently is), or better yet,
* remove the dependency on all non-frozen imports at initialization and let embedders define Python code to do the initialization

In the latter case, the main python.exe also gets to define its behavior. So for the most part, we should be able to remove getpath[p].c and move it into the site module, then make that our Python initialization step.

This would also mean that if you are embedding Python but not allowing imports (e.g. as only a calculation engine), you don't have to do the dance of _denying_ all lookups, you simply don't initialize them.

But as far as I know, we don't have a concrete vision for "how will consumers embed Python in their apps" that can translate into work - we're still all individually pulling in slightly different directions. Sorting that out is most important - having someone willing to do the customer engagement work to define an actual set of requirements and desirables would be fantastic.
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