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Date 2019-02-04.06:44:35
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I don't agree with merging at this point.

The lack of documentation makes it hard to ask for more feedback and broader testing, because people won't know how to use the library and provide constructive feedback (that's why my review comments on GitHub are mostly nitpicking).

Furthermore, distributing this as a package on PyPI is much better way to solicit further testing and feedback, because then it can be used right now instead of having to wait for a release. Releasing on PyPI is feasible for this new functionality because it is a standalone library.

It would be better to revert this changeset until it is much closer to finished and there has been time for better code review.

BTW. My comment about copyright on the pull request was about the __copyright__ attribute of the C extension, that is rarely used in the stdlib and is IMHO something to avoid.
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