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Date 2019-02-04.02:16:11
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This work is the result of ~1.5 years of development effort, much of it accomplished at the last two core dev sprints.  The code behind it has been stable since September 2018 and tested as an independently installable package by multiple people.

I was encouraged by Lukasz, Yury, and others to check in this code early, not waiting for tests and docs, in order to both solicit more feedback and provide for broader testing.  I understand that doing such a thing is not at all a novelty.  Thankfully it is doing that -- I hope that feedback remains constructive and supportive.

There are some tests to be found in a branch (enh-tests-shmem) of which I think should become more comprehensive before inclusion.  Temporarily deferring and not including them as part of the first alpha should reduce the complexity of that release.

Regarding the BSD license on the C code being adopted, my conversations with Brett and subsequently Van have not raised concerns, far from it -- there is a process which is being followed to the letter.  If there are other reasons to object to the thoughtful adoption of code licensed like this one, that deserves a decoupled and larger discussion first.
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