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I think there is also a license problem.  posixshmem.c contains "Copyright 2012 Philip Semanchuk, 2018-2019 Davin Potts"

Ronald commented "The only other files with a copyright attribute are parser, optparse and platform. I'd prefer to avoid adding new copyright attributes to stdlib modules."

( has a problematic copyright notice in the docstring.)

I think we definitely should not add new copyright notices.

Copyright notices are redundant: all contributors retain copyright in their contributions.

Copyright notices are deceptive: 1. since they are rare, they imply that there is something special about a particular module and the listed authors; 2. even if a module were special, the notice becomes obsolete as soon as anyone else contributes to the module.

Copyright notices are not needed: contributors authorize PSF to distribute the collective work under a rather liberal license.  If anyone want to make a use of Python code not covered by that license, and wants to bypass PSF, they would have to look at git log and and git blame to find the relevant contributors.

In this case, part of the work is attributed to Philip Semanchuk as a current copyright owner.  According to, he has not signed the contributor agreement, so his work should not have been merged until he has.  Even if he had, he would have to specifically agree to his work being contributed.  Sorry to be a grinch, but aside from anything else, I think this should be reverted until the legal question is clarified.

Some of this might need discussion on pydev.
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