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Date 2019-02-02.01:42:16
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In the process of creating a fix for issue #35321, I noticed what I believe to be a documentation omission. 

In Lib/importlib/ the top level comment states that:

# IMPORTANT: Whenever making changes to this module, be sure to run
# a top-level make in order to get the frozen version of the module
# updated.

From my testing, it appears that the header file will only be updated when running `make regen-importlib`

To repo:
- make a code change in Lib/importlib/
- run a top-level `make`
- see that Python/importlib.h does not change
- run `make regen-importlib`
- see that Python/importlib.h has now been updated

The documentation in Lib/importlib/ does in fact mention this.

I propose amending the documentation to include the correct instructions.

If this is deemed necessary, I will write the patch over the weekend.
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