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In my opinion, everything here is relatively minor compared to some other current issues with IDLE, e.g. some of those mentioned by Raymond Hettinger in his comments on #35196.

That being said, a few comments:

> E1. Add 'Expand' at the top of the context menu.  (I sometimes right click instead of double-clicking the squeeze label.)  (And add 'Help' at the bottom, to display an explanation of Squeezer.)

I agree. If you create an issue, I'll make a PR.

> E2. Add a hot key to expand when the text cursor is on the line with the squeeze label.

This existed in previous versions of Squeezer, but I removed it to keep things simple. It can easily be added.

> U1. If the squeeze label is near the bottom of the window, only the top few lines are made visible.

Scrolling the screen for the user should usually be avoided. With scrolling being easy these days (scroll wheels, native scrolling in touchpads, touch screens) I vote to leave this up to the user.

> U2. *Perhaps* we should put the text cursor at the beginning of the output, instead of leaving it at the next prompt, so nagivation keys work.

This would be the case when done via keyboard as suggested in E2. I'm strongly against moving the cursor upon un-squeezing text in general.

Regarding A1-A3 and the rest, I fail to see the point, but have nothing constructive to say.
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