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Date 2019-01-30.11:36:16
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The problem, as I understand it, is a mismatch between the code object being executed and the file on disk referred to by the code object. When a module is reloaded it is first recompiled, if the .py file is newer than the .pyc file. (I've tested this at a console.)

Suppose contains a function fn. Now do
   import wibble
   fn = wibble.fn
   # Modify and save

It seems to me that
1) We have a mismatch between fn (in module __main__) and the file on disk.
2) Comparison will show that wibble.pyc is later than
3) There's no reliable way to discover that fn is not the current fn  ...
4) ... other than comparing its bytecode with that of the current value of wibble.fn.

Regarding (4) there might be another method. But I can't think of one that's reliable.
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