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> I'm not sure which part of what I wrote you think is inaccurate.

It's just that language can be tricky. When you said "pass to the parent logger" this might be misconstrued as some kind of call to a method of the parent logger.

Your OP says that you think "logged to this logger" means (2), but actually it means (1). Expanding with examples:

If the propagate attribute of the logger named A.B.C evaluates to true, any event logged to A.B.C via a method call such as logging.getLogger('A.B.C').error(...) will [subject to passing that logger's level and filter settings] be passed in turn to any handlers attached to loggers named A.B, A and the root logger, after first being passed to any handlers attached to A.B.C. If any logger in the chain A.B.C, A.B, A has its propagate attribute set to false, then that is the last logger whose handlers are offered the event to handle, and propagation stops at that point.
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