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Date 2019-01-28.20:51:37
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This request is motivated in detail here:

In short: in C, when you have a Py_buffer, you can directly read the memory in whatever order you want (including physical order).  It is not possible in pure Python, though.  Somewhat unintuitively, memoryview.tobytes() as well as bytes(memoryview) read bytes in *logical* order, even though it flattens the dimensions and doesn't keep the original type.  Logical order is different from physical order for Fortran-contiguous arrays.

One possible way of alleviating this would be to offer a memoryview.transpose() method, similar to the Numpy transpose() method (see

One could also imagine a memoryview.to_c_contiguous() method.

Or even: a memoryview.raw_memory() method, that would 1) flatten dimensions 2) cast to 'B' format 3) keep physical order.
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