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The standard calltip box is two lines: signature and docstring header.  In most cases, such as int, iter, and min, the effect of this patch is to get both lines of a docstring signature, so the result is not abnormally big.  And I agree with Serhiy that getting even more lines, when needed, is a bug fix.  (My change to 'enhancement' was in respect to Raymond's proposal, hence the reversion.)

Bytes is one of the very few functions with more than two header lines, and exceptional at 5.  It could be reduced to 4 if the first and last were combined as done for other functions.  I don't want to add an option or special code for this special case.

#19903 expands the calltip by 2 lines when the signature includes '/'.  This is increasingly common as more builtins get processed by Argument Clinic. I opened #35763 to revisit and revise this behavior.
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