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About the alternate set of training data, how (where) do I find it? and about the layouts, can you point me in the right direction as to learn about them, into what they do? or try to achieve? and how to use them?

Quoting Steve Dower ( ), the test suite implemented in this project is as good as any other generic workload, which is easily accessible from this repo (I don't know what was he referring to in "ease of accessibility") but I understand it is not the only one out there. So, if there are as many combinations possible as from choosing the tests (the ones implemented here and/or others), why did python choose this in particular? It has to be "good enough" isn't it? and if so, why PGO optimizations where "left out" of the bug tracking loop? It may be not as important in reality, but people like me, crave for optimizations =) 

So, I would love the PGO feature to be revived here, what happened to previous work done here ( )?. But I know also that I am daydreaming. I would appreciate any help, for me to keep digging into it, as I do not know where to start.

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