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Extract of Stefan Krah's msg333296 of bpo-35638:

> So why would you think that I'm not aware of that issue?

Oh, I never said that.

I wrote "By the way, the decimal module doesn't support properly the following corner case: LC_NUMERIC using an encoding different than LC_CTYPE encoding. I wrote but I abandonned my change." as a reminder for myself. I found again the bug when I wrote my article, and I realized that I abandoned my PR when I had my burnout, and not because the fix was "officially" rejected.

So I opened this issue to get an official statement :-)

> It has low priority for me and I hesitate to depend on the official locale functions in decimal because I don't want to be involved in additional issue reports in that area.

As I wrote in my PR, I'm not very happy of my proposed implementation. But let's discuss options to fix it :-)

I don't understand "I don't want to be involved in additional issue reports in that area". If the bug is fixed, why do you expect more bug reports? You wrote that nobody reported any issue related to formatting a decimal number using the locale since 2009.
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