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Ammar is right. This is a consequence of issue27358. Issue27358 was merely an optimization necessary for bytecode changes in 3.6. It was not noticed that it changes also the behavior for multidict kwargs. But I think that it was correct change. Specifying multiple keyword arguments with the same name is an error, and it does not matter whether names are duplicated in different kwargs or in the same kwarg. I think it is worth to ensure that duplicated names are forbidden in the case of a single kwarg too. Since kwarg should be converted to a dict, this check should not add significant overhead.

3.5 and 3.6 are in security-only fixes mode. And I think it is not worth to do such changes in 3.7. This could break working user code (even if can be considered incorrect), and we should avoid a breakage in bugfix releases without need.

I take it.
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