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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2018-12-28.22:27:24
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I changed the title back to the symptom description, rather than the wrong fix.  As Cheryl noted, the cause of the specific regression is the erroneous deletion of one line in pyshell.PyShell.  The simplest fix is to put is back.

Globally replacing context_use_ps1 is a different issue, and there is more than one possibility.  I will open a new issue and move PR 11307 there.

The reversion also reverts the 'fixes' that came with the error.  Fixing the shell branch, now that is is used, will be a different issue.
>>> d = {1:3,
	 # correct indent, 3.7

>>> d = {1:3,
     # indent not accounting for prompt, after reversion
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