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Author steve.dower
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Date 2018-12-27.20:16:24
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Okay, this looks like a zipimport issue. When I extract the "" file containing the stdlib and reference the directory it works fine. But no matter what I do to the ZIP I can't get it to run.

It seems that zipimport either can't import .pyc files without a matching .py, or it can't import packages marked with __init__.pyc (I haven't gone deep enough, but adding encodings/ got me further).

This is a regression from 3.7.1.

Things to do:
* fix the regression (Serhiy?)
* add a regression test
* add a ".pyc-only stdlib in ZIP" test (I'll do this)
* remove the double vcruntime in ZIP issue (unrelated, so I'll just fix it)
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