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This is a continuation of issue23867. The proposed PR makes Argument Clinic inlining parsing code for functions with only positional parameters, i.e. functions that use PyArg_ParseTuple() and _PyArg_ParseStack() now. This saves time for parsing format strings and calling few levels of functions. It can save also a C stack, because of lesser number of nested (and potentially recursive) calls, lesser number of variables, and getting rid of a stack allocated array for "objects" which will need to be deallocated or cleaned up if overall parsing fails.

PyArg_ParseTuple() and _PyArg_ParseStack() will still be used if there are parameters for which inlining converter is not supported. Unsupported converters are deprecated Py_UNICODE API ("u", "Z"), encoded strings ("es", "et"), obsolete string/bytes converters ("y", "s#", "z#"), some custom converters (DWORD, HANDLE, pid_t, intptr_t).
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