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This isn't meant as a comment from any previous posts.  It's simply meant to correct a statement (based on new information in the past 2 years) from the original post.

Since this original report, some ABCs that are not "One Trick Ponies" have been added which implement  __subclasshook__.  `Collection` is one of those, so using the original example:

>>> from import Sequence, Container, Sized, Collection
>>> class MySequence(object):
...     def __contains__(self, item): pass
...     def __len__(self): pass
...     def __iter__(self): pass
...     def __getitem__(self, index): pass
...     def __len__(self): pass
...     def __reversed__(self): pass
...     def index(self, item): pass
...     def count(self, item): pass
>>> issubclass(MySequence, Container)
>>> issubclass(MySequence, Sized)
>>> issubclass(MySequence, Sequence)
>>> issubclass(MySequence, Collection)

Collection is not a "One Trick Pony" because it is used for Sized, Iterable Containers.

Generator, Coroutine, and ASyncGenerator are also not "One Trick Ponies" (although they are defined under that section in

Again, for reference, the definition of One Trick Pony from PEP3119 is:
These abstract classes represent single methods like __iter__ or __len__.

If only One Trick Ponies implemented __subclasshook__, then the original documentation issue:
> These ABCs allow us to ask classes or instances if they provide particular functionality, for example:

maybe could have been changed to:
> These ABCs allow us to ask classes or instances if they provide singular functionality, for example:

But, that's not really correct anymore.
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