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What is the module "cookiejar" you are importing? Is that a third-party module? It doesn't seem to be in the standard library. There is a module `http.cookiejar` but it doesn't seem to have an `is_HDN` function.

If this is a third-party library, please close this and report it to the maintainers of that library.

Can you please explain *why* these are "false positive" and "false negative", and which is which?

In particular, do you know for a fact that the test cases you reference actually pass, and are correct if they pass? I'm not an expert, but I don't think domain names can end with a dot, and the "" test case is the *only* one which ends with a dot, so I suspect it may be a typo, and the test case doesn't actually pass. (Or if it does pass, perhaps it shouldn't.)
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