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I would suggest applying the fix with the latest version in mind to keep the codebase clean. If you want to backport it to previous versions of Python you can do it manually through a PR targetting the right branch.
I think the process is to set up a label and then use as I'd expect the tests to fail to apply the patch "manually.

Alternative 1: Might be easier is to send a patch that works in all version and another one that "modernises" it to python3.7. Basically, write all tests with OrderedDict and then just shoot an extra PR that converts that to a plain dict.

Alternative 2: This is only a problem on versions on versions < 3.6, isn't it? If so you might want to close this issue or just have a PR that targets the 3.5 if worth backporting and/or PyPI's. (This is my conservative mind as you know I usually push for changing as less as possible hehe).
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