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Date 2018-12-19.10:48:17
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I still think the current Python 3.7 behaviour makes the CPython runtime a badly behaved C library, since we may end up changing the active libc locale even when it isn't the main application, and a change hasn't been explicitly requested by the embedding app.

However, the only way to encounter that misbehaviour is to be running a Unicode-unfriendly embedding application that leaves the C locale in place on a Unicode-unfriendly operating system that doesn't set a more sensible locale in the first place.

I've also gone through a few iterations on now, and respecting the -E and -I options *without* deferring locale coercion until the same point where UTF-8 mode is checked for turns out to require duplication of an irritatingly large amount of argument processing code (as even if all you're checking for is two options that don't take arguments, you still need to correctly skip over all the other permitted arguments, stop at the arguments that terminate the python option list, and find the options of interest even when they're in a combined option string like "-vI").

Accordingly, I no longer think it's worth pursuing this change purely to assuage my sense of responsibility to developers of applications embedding the Python runtime - instead, we can leave the Python 3.7.0 solution in place for 3.8 as well, until such time as we have embedding application authors actually reporting bug reports against the Python 3.7 behaviour.

To be completely honest, I expect the odds of that actually happening in practice to be incredibly low, and even if it does happen, our answer may well be to point to the in-development multi-phase configuration API rather than allowing it to be disabled when using Py_Initialize() and/or Py_Main().
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