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Actually, in my implementation, it also supports POLL with the different event.

I don't think to make selector be a public property is a good idea. It will break the whole system integrity.

Please think about it, if people want to use epoll/poll with some special event, they must use it like this.

>  s = selectors.EpollSelector()
>  s.selector.register(fd,select.EPOLLIN | select.EPOLLEXCLUSIVE)
>  s.selector.modify(fd,select.EPOLLOU | select.EPOLLEXCLUSIVE)

Here's a question, why we support the register?

I think it will make people don't care about the detail.

So, as you say, it's a little bit complicated, but it will help people don't care about the selector property detail, they just use the argument when they want to use it.

I think it's worth it.
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