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Date 2018-12-15.12:04:06
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I think links from "as" are not needed. They are just refer to the beginning of the same section. In all occurrences of "as" the corresponding "with", "import", or "try"/"except" keywords are mentioned too, and links from them refer to the correct section. I think it is better to remove links from "as" at all.

There are same issues with the "else" keyword which is used in the "if", "while", "for" and "try" statements and in the "if" expression. There are same issues with the "if" and "for" keyword in the context of comprehensions, with the "if" keyword in the context of the "if" expression, and with the "in" keyword in the context of "for".

The proposed PR removes redundant and incorrect links from keywords. It removes also redundant links if the same keyword is mentioned several times in the single paragraph (in same cases there were up to 5 links to the same target). It fixes also some other minor bugs.
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