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Author James Crowther
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Date 2018-12-13.09:21:36
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Hi Ronald, I've replied to your comments below

>My gut feeling is that this is some issue with your system or environment.

I Doubt it, happens with another MacBook air which is literally out of the box, no mods.

>Some more questions:

>- Is this is a consistent problem, or only on some networks? 
All networks
>- Do you have any custom settings in the Networking preference pane related to name resolution (extra search domains, DNS servers, ...)? 
>- Do the domains returned by the DHCP server actually exist?
Not sure
>- Likewise for the DNS servers
likewise not sure
>- Does the result of socket.gethostname() look sane? In particular, does this include a domain name?
it is given a name that includes the ip address and the name of the router. 
>- The original message mentions: "and that the DHCP servers provides one ore more domains to be useles for resolution.". What is meant by that? AFAIK the DHCP server can only return 1 domain name, not a full DNS search list (or at least not one that is used by most major platforms).
Not sure what was meant by this comment.
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