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Date 2018-12-11.03:18:13
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> Oh, it's not the installation itself, I'm just wondering if allowing a newer version is ok too?

The original PR (included in 3.7, 3.x) uses the latest discovered SDK,
but Steve stated that that logic broke the Pipelines build, so I
reworked to PR to just check for the versions already hard-coded.

> Of course, it doesn't preclude expanding the build script in the future, so I've installed 15063 to both Win8/10 workers.

For 3.6, this is the last hurrah.  It goes into security mode after
tonight.  Although, it does seem that we might need to add a check for
the SDK ourselves instead of relying on MSBuild to do it (it may be a
full Visual Studio only thing, not Build Tools).

> I don't currently have access to restart builds through the buildbot web interface any more

If anyone with the power to do so is watching, this is something that
I miss now, too.  It seems that the buildbot owners are not given the
proper permissions for this task.
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