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> In general, I don't think we've done that great a job of publicising
> the various install options on Windows - we still get pip users trying
> to install packages into the embedded distribution, which they are
> using as if it were a standalone interpreter, and as far as I can tell
> essentially no-one knows about the nuget packages for Python. Let's
> not repeat the mistakes we've made previously with this new
> distribution option.

Yeah, and these are all essentially my fault (though I documented the embeddable package relatively well, modulo a few uses I hadn't imagined). Maybe my holiday writing project can be some better docs for choosing how to install Python, especially since if/when this merges we'll finally have a good answer for "installing from a build without the installer" (using the PC/layout script, which *sigh* also needs a big fat manual).

I feel like right now there's enough here that isn't quite locked down and I don't want to guarantee it. For example, in a future release of Windows we may be able to enable it to write to the actual %APPDATA% folder instead of an app-private one - should we document the current paths and then "break" it in the future? Or should we document that using the "Reset app" features will clean up everything fully now, knowing that if we change the %APPDATA% location later then _that_ will break?

So for now, I want an unguaranteed store package that can be used but may change over time (and I'll update the text on the page to reflect that). Now is not the time to lock in all aspects of how it works, exactly as you say. But please hold me accountable for adding specific docs for the first 3.8 release - hopefully it's clear by then (if not earlier) what behavior we're happy with.
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