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>> We haven't done RC yet - why is pushing this now so bad?
> I reverted your change because it broke all Windows buildbots, and we have a policy to revert a change if buildbots turn red and no fix can be found in 2 hours

I don't dispute that policy, but you said it shouldn't go in between RC and a release, which it isn't.

> nitpicking: Your change modify venv and two tests, it's not purely Windows-only :-)

More nitpicking: the venv changes only affect Windows. Which makes it purely Windows and tests, exactly as I said. Adding smiles doesn't save you from having to read :)

> Sorry, I don't know Windows App Store, I don't understand the restriction "there has to be a release of this or it remains untestable". Would you mind to elaborate?

Sure. You can start by reading this thread, but the summary is that App Store apps (regardless of platform) generally have to go through an approval process before they can be installed. Without going through this process, they can't be tested fully in context. I believe we should make a true release and put that through the process, rather than me just doing one out of my branch.

I provided instructions for developer testing above, which covers about 80% of what needs to be checked. The rest can only be tested by real use of a proper release.
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