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Date 2018-12-03.23:25:50
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The urllib.parse module contains an undocumented function unwrap:

    unwrap('<URL:type://host/path>') --> 'type://host/path'

This is useful. I've been re-inventing this function in many of my scripts, because I didn't know it existed (not documented!) and only stumbled across it by accident today, where I see it was deprecated in  #27485 but I can't see any reason for the deprecation.

If not for the deprecation, I would certainly use this unwrap function in preference to rolling my own.

It seems to me that this might have been a case of an over-enthusiastic change. #27485 talks about deprecating the various split* functions, which are officially redundant (urlparse and urlsplit are preferred) but doesn't talk about unwrap, which is useful and (in my opinion) should have been documented rather than deprecated.
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