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Date 2018-12-02.05:37:15
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I suffered this problem more than one years.
Here is a solution, before compiling the chm, modify like this:

--- D:\Python-3.7.1\Doc\build\htmlhelp\python371.hhp	Sun Dec 02 13:12:37 2018
+++ D:\fix_crash\python371.hhp	Sun Dec 02 13:05:57 2018
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 Binary TOC=No
-Binary Index=No
+Binary Index=Yes
 Compiled file=python371.chm
 Contents file=python371.hhc
 Default Window=python371
The chm will generate a binary file python371.chw in the same folder when first opened.
No longer crash, but duplicated entries don't show Title anymore, see the attached picture.
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