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Date 2018-12-02.03:01:14
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Bisecting between 3.7.0(good) and 3.7.1(bad) with the code in my previous commit points to:

97f998a4dfd6db6d867f446daa62445d0782bf39 is the first bad commit
commit 97f998a4dfd6db6d867f446daa62445d0782bf39
Author: Miss Islington (bot) <>
Date:   Tue Oct 2 14:17:04 2018 -0700

    bpo-34172: multiprocessing.Pool leaks resources after being deleted (GH-8450) (GH-9676)

    Fix a reference issue inside multiprocessing.Pool that caused the pool to remain alive if it was deleted without being closed or terminated explicitly.
    (cherry picked from commit 97bfe8d3ebb0a54c8798f57555cb4152f9b2e1d0)

    Co-authored-by: tzickel <>

:040000 040000 90e0af29e82d0fcc1c1d7e19b3659f9602596e3e d997cfb00c1c44bbd87ce15edfd391203362a1d7 M      Lib
:040000 040000 6aa4273821c2c563ea69370a59284ed48576416f b6d46f14b6bb36cc5ae62b3ca74025c24d683bb5 M      Misc
bisect run success
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