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Sorry, I guess some context might be helpful. I'm writing a program that links unittest-based tests with a third-party test tracking/reporting system. Said third-party software has a concept of test suites/cases that doesn't align 1:1 with unittest, so I need to manipulate the unittest objects a bit to get them to connect smoothly.

`list(test_suite)` is a bit clunky for me, since I'm already copying said list in order to do my manipulation. So I end up with expressions like:

my_cases = list(my_custom_generator(list(test_suite)))

Certainly not the end of the world, and it works just fine, but it's redundant and I need to do it a lot. I realize that `list(iterator)` is an increasingly common idiom in python 3, but I thought I'd throw this usecase out there for your consideration.
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