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Date 2018-11-23.11:27:29
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Ok, I found the bug: it is related to the commit 905f1ace5f7424e314ca7bed997868a2a3044839 of bpo-34523. Python now uses ASCII for the filesystem encoding if the internal "force ASCII" mode is enabled in Py_DecodeLocale/Py_EncodeLocale.

FreeBSD CURRENT introduced a new C.UTF-8 locale which is used by C locale coercion (PEP 538).

_PyCoreConfig_Read() now uses ASCII for the filesystem encoding if the "force ASCII" mode is enable (to ensure that encodings are consistent everywhere Python).

Problem: The LC_CTYPE now uses UTF-8 (thanks to C locale coercion) whereas Python uses ASCII for the filesystem encoding since the "force ASCII" is still enabled.

I wrote PR 10672 to reset the "force ASCII" mode. I tested manually my fix on the FreeBSD CURRENT buildbot.
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