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Date 2018-11-13.09:05:00
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Hum, this issue is much harder than what I expected.


* Include/internal/ header files have been renamed to get a new "pycore_" prefix which avoids conflicts with Include/ header files. Example: "pycore_pystate.h" vs "pystate.h".
* pyatomic.c has been moved to Include/internal/ and it is no longer 
included in Python.h.
* Except of _PyTuple_ITEMS() and _PyObject_GC_TRACK(), all internal APIs have been moved to Include/internal/. Many new header files have been created, like pycore_lifecycle.h and pycore_pathconfig.h.


* Move _PyObject_GC_TRACK() to Include/internal/
* msg329608 describes bugs like: pystate.c:968:1: warning: no previous prototype for ‘_PyGILState_Init’ [-Wmissing-prototypes]
* bpo-35134 now manages moving unstable API to a new separated Include/ subdirectory
* bpo-35059 converts macros to static inline functions
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