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Date 2018-11-10.00:53:50
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* Another open feature request is to have tab completion on dict keys.

* We've had f-strings for a while now -- they would benefit greatly from syntax highlighting.

* FWIW, I disagree with the notion that it is okay to cripple help() since we have tooltips.  When a person types help(x), they are explicitly saying the tooltips didn't suffice and that they want the full help.

* Another note on the squeezer.  It cases where help() is long or 50+ lines of a file a being displayed, the auto-squeeze is defying an explicit user request to show information.   IIRC, squeezing doesn't appear in other tooling I use.  Terminal sessions don't elide output just because it is long.  Pandas and IPython will compress datasets by showing the first n lines, an ellipsis, and the last n lines.  That is reasonable.  Not showing any data at all is unreasonable.  As currently implemented, it is a misfeature (IMO).
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