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Author taleinat
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Date 2018-11-09.21:09:08
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> On my machine, 2.7.15 (without squeezing) and 3.7.1 (with squeezing) IDLE results (average seconds).
> from timeit import timeit
> timeit("print('nnn '*500)", number=10)  # Exp1: .0357, .0355
> timeit("for i in range(500): print(i)", number=4)  # Exp2: 1.45, 1.70
> timeit("print(*range(500))", number=4)  # Exp3: about 5*, 4.85

Comparing 3.7.0 to current master, I'm seeing about a 4% slowdown on the second experiment.  That's significant, but probably not what Raymond or Serhiy are worried about.  Regardless, I've nearly got a PR with an optimization ready.
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