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Date 2018-11-09.15:32:02
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Currently, even when Python is compiled in debug mode, PyTuple_GET_ITEM() doesn't check that the first argument is a tuple objet and that the second argument is valid index. It can lead to a crash and Python doesn't help debugging.

I propose to convert the macro to a function call and use regular assertions to abort Python if the C API is misused.

I propose to use a function call rather than abusing the preprocessor syntax like (assert(...),expr) syntax used in unicodeobject.h, because I the preprocessor causes complex bugs (difficult to understand and to fix/work around) and because later I would like to experiment to be able to compile C extensions to always use function calls, but get a different implementation depending on the "Python runtime".

I elaborated this idea on this website:


I am working on an implementation.
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