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Date 2018-11-09.13:31:58
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> The squeezed text is impairing IDLE's usability for teaching purposes.

I sincerely hoped it would achieve the opposite! I'm happy to do any work necessary to improve its usability in this context.

The auto-squeezing can be "disabled" easily by setting the minimum # lines to a high number in the config dialog.

> Typing help() on any built-in type such as str immediately results in a squeeze-button rather than displaying help.  The same is true for showing lines from a file read or from a URL.

A quick double-click will expand the "Squeezed text" label. Also, right-click -> "View" will open the output in a viewer window; for long "help(str)" output I find this better than having it in the midst of the normal output.

> Also, I think this may be the logic that is slowing down successive print calls in a loop.

Can you give more details? In comparison to what do you find it slow? I did a quick comparison between a recent 3.8.0a build and 3.7.0 (without Squeezer) on a Win10 machine, and both seemed to take the same time to run those loops (~3.5 seconds for the first loop, ~4.5 seconds for the second loop).
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