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Author xtreak
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Date 2018-10-31.08:15:02
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The current set of tests are at . A simple set of tuple that can be added based on the report as below : 

("", "", False)
("", "", False) # Fails on master

The check is done at . There is no check to add '.' before domain if absent. Hence it performs a substring match with the values req_host = "" and erhn = "" and domain = "" so the condition `not (req_host.endswith(domain) or erhn.endswith(domain))` fails and doesn't return False. I would suggest adding a check to make sure domain also starts with '.' similar to req_host and erhn thus fixing the issue. I tried the fix and existing tests along with the reported case works fine.

diff --git a/Lib/http/ b/Lib/http/
index 0ba8200f32..da7462701b 100644
--- a/Lib/http/
+++ b/Lib/http/
@@ -1173,6 +1173,8 @@ class DefaultCookiePolicy(CookiePolicy):
             req_host = "."+req_host
         if not erhn.startswith("."):
             erhn = "."+erhn
+        if not domain.startswith("."):
+            domain = "."+domain
         if not (req_host.endswith(domain) or erhn.endswith(domain)):
             #_debug("   request domain %s does not match cookie domain %s",
             #       req_host, domain)

("", "", False)
("", "", False) # Tests pass with fix

Also tried the script attached in the report

$ cat ../backups/

import urllib
from http.cookiejar import DefaultCookiePolicy

policy = DefaultCookiePolicy()
req = urllib.request.Request('')
print(policy.domain_return_ok('', req))

# without fix

$ ./python.exe ../backups/

# With domain fix

$ ./python.exe ../backups/

The check was added in 2004 with commit 2a6ba9097ee3942ae328befaf074ce9722b93ca0 . If my fix is correct I am willing to raise a PR for this with test.

Hope it helps!
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