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Author hemflit
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Date 2018-10-30.21:24:47
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Hi Raymond!

I've posted to python-ideas:

The amount of attention it got was modest, so I couldn't exactly say the community has thoroughly vetted and enthusiastically endorsed this proposal :)

But all responses were in the narrow range of neutral to MILDLY positive.
There weren't any objections at all to either the idea or the code. Nor did anybody question whether a feature of this kind should be added at all.

I don't think I could realistically expect much more support than that for a change this minor. (Well, it would have been better if at least one person'd had an (uncontested) strongly positive response.)

Some problems with other kinds of implementations were brought up, but this one isn't vulnerable to them. I believe I've also addressed all your comments from this BPO issue in the opening post there.

An older discussion was linked, which had also shown tacit consensus that this type of feature in general would be welcome.

I suppose it's time to decide if that level of response is enough.
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