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Date 2018-10-26.21:08:46
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I don't object to spelling it out more, and your (Terry's) suggestions are fine.  On the other hand, this module has been around for a loooong time now, and this is the first instance I've seen of someone surprised that it doesn't produce overlapping matches - it's obvious from "The same idea is then applied recursively to the pieces of the sequences to the left and to the right of the matching subsequence" that a matching subsequence is wholly eliminated from further consideration.

At some point of ever-more tedious elaboration, the docs risk missing the forest for the trees.  I don't think _these_ docs are quite there yet - although the docs for `find_longest_match()` are.  Speaking of which, that method _could_ be used to find overlapping matches, one at a time, by passing appropriate slice indices.

Which can be horridly inefficient; e.g., find all overlapping matches between

'A' * 100


'A' * 150
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