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Date 2018-10-25.19:09:35
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The test code should fail with the current, unfixed code, due to the bug described here.  You will need to:

1. figure out which conditions will trigger the wrong behavior
2. set up a scenario where you can detect whether the behavior is correct
3. code this as a new test method in
4. make the fix and ensure that the new test passes, as well as all other tests

After you've done this, you'll have something ready to be a PR. It will likely still require some work, e.g. cleaning up the code, adding/improving comments, conforming to our code style guidelines, and adding a NEWS entry.  However, since this will be one of your first PRs, I suggest first just posting your test and fix as a PR.

Note that creating a PR will also trigger the test suite to be automatically run on several platforms; after ~15 minutes take a look at the results, and if there are any failures you should address them ASAP.
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