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Date 2018-10-24.14:31:56
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CPython has been created in 1990. In 1990, it made sense to use C macros. But nowadays, inlined functions can be used instead:

"Python versions greater than or equal to 3.6 use C89 with several select C99 features: (...) static inline functions"

I propose to convert 4 macros to inlined functions:

* PyObject_INIT(), PyObject_INIT_VAR()
* _Py_NewReference(), _Py_ForgetReference()


* Functions use regular C syntax
* No more corner cases ("traps") of macros
* Function arguments have a type


* Require a specific type can introduce compiler warnings if the caller doesn't pass the proper type (PyObject* or PyVarObject*). _Py_NewReference() and _Py_ForgetReference() seem to be properly used, but not PyObject_INIT() and PyObject_INIT_VAR().

The two attached PRs implements these changes.
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