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Date 2018-10-23.15:30:54
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Analyzing some coverity scan results I stumbled upon this issue:

Python-3.6.5/Lib/xml/dom/ original: "n._call_user_data_handler(operation, n, notation)" looks like the original copy.
Python-3.6.5/Lib/xml/dom/ copy_paste_error: "n" in "e._call_user_data_handler(operation, n, entity)" looks like a copy-paste error.
Python-3.6.5/Lib/xml/dom/ remediation: Should it say "e" instead?
# 1922|                   clone.entities._seq.append(entity)
# 1923|                   if hasattr(e, '_call_user_data_handler'):
# 1924|->                     e._call_user_data_handler(operation, n, entity)
# 1925|       else:
# 1926|           # Note the cloning of Document and DocumentType nodes is

It seems that the warning is indeed a bug, and the code in question was basically merged into python from pyxml 16 years ago.
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