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If I am understanding this correctly the :pep: role is already present and only that PEP references that don't have this role are being updated now?

➜  cpython git:(master) rg ':pep:`\d+`' | grep 'rst' | grep -Ev 'NEWS|whatsnew' | wc
     324    2686   27228

References that don't have the role are being updated along with :PEP: changed to :pep: in the PR? (Around 30 entries) 

➜  cpython git:(master) rg 'PEP \d+' | grep 'rst' | grep -Ev 'NEWS|whatsnew' | wc
      21     228    1891
➜  cpython git:(master) rg ':PEP:`\d+`' | grep 'rst' | grep -Ev 'NEWS|whatsnew' | wc
       6      51     517

I think older NEWS entries can be left behind like the PR changes whatsnew for Python 2.0, 2.1, 2.5 and they won't be back ported I personally feel little value in changing them though doc changes have been done on those files in 2016 and up to the reviewer.

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