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Date 2018-10-21.01:07:25
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Note we already have the task_done() / join() API to handle the common case of notification for when work is done.  At one point, Guido opined that he didn't want the queue module to go any further into the world of task management (because it is beyond the scope of what the module is trying to do).

Also, because this is a significant expansion of an otherwise simple API and because it would establish new idioms, it would need to be discussed on python-ideas before going forward.  Also, to evaluate the proposal, it would be help to have examples of existing code that would be improved with the new API.  Likewise, it would be helpful to survey other languages to see if they have anything like this and see whether their experiences were possible or negative.

If the python-ideas discussion is fruitful, feel free to re-open this feature request.  The existence of the PR will help make the discussion more concrete and give people a chance to try it out.
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