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Date 2018-10-18.04:23:03
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FYI Christian, your "typical scenario for HTTP" doesn't make sense to me... you can't send HTTP Connection Upgrade in the middle of a regular request/response cycle. I feel like the typical scenario ought to be more like:

* client
  * send ``HTTP GET /path``
* server
  * recv
  * verify_client_post_handshake (maybe... via calling SSL_do_handshake again?)
* client
  * recv
  * send upgrade confirmation (emits Certificate, CertificateVerify, Finish message)
* server
  * recv
  * verify certificate
  * send either the requested response, or a 401 Unauthorized depending

But I don't really understand the underlying design here, either at the TLS 1.3 level or the openssl level, and haven't found very useful docs yet, so I could be wrong.
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