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Date 2018-10-13.22:43:46
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The Windows Store can now install unrestricted apps, which means we can provide the Python interpreter in there.

* far more reliable installation
* can have specific executables on PATH
* automatic updates
* other apps can act as extensions (with permission), so things like Mu could also become store apps in the future

* only --user installs for pip will work
* harder to find/modify installed files

I think for a (very significant) subset of our users, this will be a much better experience than downloading our current installer. It also has the advantage of making "Python" appear in searches in the start menu, which will link directly to a one-click "Install" button.

The biggest issue is likely to be pip not installing with --user by default, as well as subsequent issues with apps that require users to navigate to their %AppData% directories manually (since these will be redirected to different locations).

But until we get a package available for testing, it will be hard to figure out what needs fixing. Given this is just distribution and not a new platform, I plan to enable it for Python 3.7 (probably 3.7.2, but it may be possible to bundle 3.7.1 as-is for testing).
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