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Date 2018-10-12.20:10:53
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The proposed solution in the PR replaces the identity-function return value of `NewType(…)` with a callable class instance that adds an explicit `__repr__` function – which that function cobbles together the string representations of the supplied type and the new types’ name into a sensible and stylistically consistent “repr” output. 

In this capacity the `__name__` vs. `__qualname__` consideration would appear to be an implementation detail – in this case, calculating a `__qualname__` value, á la PEP-3155, doesn’t seem to be possible nor advantageous, in this specific case.

On the other hand, adding `__module__` seems like it’d be a win – although I am wary about introducing a dependency on a function that starts with an underscore. How reliable and/or portable is `sys._getframe()` ?
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