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Date 2018-10-09.18:13:59
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Looking in the documentation for inspect.getcallargs (, it appears that inspect.getcallargs is deprecated in favor of inspect.Signature.bind and inspect.Signature.bind_partial.

However, when I use inspect.getcallargs, I do not get a DeprecationWarning, while I do get one for other methods that have been deprecated in the inspect library.

Because a warning is not issued when inspect.getcallargs is used, it confuses me as to whether this method is actually deprecated or not, since there seems to be a lot of discussion in previous issues about whether this method should be deprecated or not. If it is truly deprecated, should a DeprecationWarning be added?

For my situation, I would prefer to use inspect.getcallargs due to its more descriptive error messages when incorrect arguments are used, but if it truly is deprecated, then I should use inspect.Signature.bind instead.
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