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Date 2018-10-09.09:32:14
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When using a TreeBuilder with a custom factory (returning a subclass of Element with some extra functionality) there is an issue with findall().

XPaths using an indexed predicate no longer work: the findall() result is always empty. The attached test script shows the problem.

I have analysed this as far as finding that the issue is in ElementPath.prepare_predicate.<locals>.select(), the last one. Specifically, the statement
    elems = list(parent.findall(elem.tag))
always returns an empty list (if the Element class is subclassed).

When using Python 2.7 everything works fine. When adding a findall() method to the Element subclass that simply calls Element.findall() everything also works fine. I suspect some issue with the _elementtree C implementation but I don't understand it.
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